The Jubilee Expedition, which begins on May 1, 2022, sheds light on the melting polar ice cap. NORMA has had the honour of supporting The Jubilee Expedition with agreements, liability issues and organizational issues.

On July 4, 1872, Professor A.E. Nordenskiöld and his team travelled from Gothenburg to Svalbard. After a challenging winter in Svalbard, they set out on May 6, 1873, with the goal of becoming the first to ever reach the North Pole. Although the expedition had to abandon its main goal, Nordenskiöld and his team became the first to explore the North East Land. On their return to Gothenburg, the expedition had accumulated extensive research in geography, meteorology, geomagnetism and marine biology. Now – 150 years later – The Jubilee Expedition is following in Nordenskiöld’s footsteps to document the effects of climate change on the Arctic. The expedition, which consists of several researchers led by the expedition guide Jonas Paurell, aims primarily to shed light on the melting polar ice cap and increase awareness of climate change.

Also part of the expedition is a film team, with the aim of producing a documentary that will hit the cinemas this autumn. The expedition ends with a longer exhibition at Färgfabriken in Stockholm during the beginning of 2023.

NORMA works continuously with sustainability in mainly four areas – equality, social injustice, health, and the climate. The first three areas are natural for a law firm to promote and implement in our business, partly through actively working with them within the firm and partly through strategic partnerships. In addition to our ongoing climate efforts, however, we have had difficulty finding ways to make a difference for the climate. When Jonas Paurell contacted NORMA, it was therefore obvious for us to do everything we could to contribute to the expedition’s goals. We can now proudly say that we have helped the expedition with agreements, responsibility issues and organizational issues, among other things.

We wish the whole team behind The Jubilee Expedition good luck, and for those who wish to follow the expedition’s progress over the next 6 weeks, the following channels are recommended:



Members of the expedition: