NORMA is a law firm specialising in the main areas of business law. We challenge old truths and structures and strive to ensure that both people and businesses reach their full potential - that they not only grow, but flourish.
Our expertise
As a collective of specialist partners, our clients’ commercial interests are at the forefront of the high-quality legal advice we provide.

NORMA is a collective of business partners with the drive and will to achieve success together.

We are NORMA

Our core values

NORMA’s foundation is built on five core beliefs which guide our decisions and help us prioritize what is important – for our clients and our team.

NO 1

Make people and
businesses flourish

We want businesses and the people they are made up of, to prosper, flourish and reach their full potential. In the long run, prosperous people mean prosperous businesses.

NO 2

old truths

To prepare for the business world of tomorrow, we need to challenge old truths, structures and hierarchies.

NO 3

Rooted and

Solving today’s problems demands experience and an understanding of tomorrow. While our roots go way back to 1935, we are always looking ahead.

NO 4


We share the challenge, we share the progress. We understand the importance of close collaboration. Both as a business partner and within our own collective. It is the key to long-term success.

NO 5

The power of
the collective

No business is better than the sum of its people. Our differences are our strengths. NORMA is a collective of empowering business partners.


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