Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

All business arrangements, collaborations and activities have an inherent risk of misunderstandings and disagreements that can lead to conflict and disputes. Our commercial litigation lawyers specialise in dispute resolution and have extensive experience in dealing with such disputes in most sectors, both in Swedish and international contexts.


We analyse opportunities and risks and advise you on strategy for the best possible outcome. We assist in settlement negotiations and where legal proceedings are necessary, we act as counsel in court or in arbitration proceedings. We regularly act as counsel in arbitration under the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) arbitration rules and The Swedish Arbitration Act.

We advise Swedish and international companies, organisations and authorities.


What we do:

  • Handling dispute resolution in court and in arbitration
  • Setting up litigation strategies and assisting in settlement negotiations
  • Assisting with temporary remedies such as injunctions and cease and desist orders
  • Assisting with enforcement measures
  • Contract review to analyse potential risks and avoid unnecessary litigation
Mikael Claes
Partner | Attorney at law