GO MO GROUP AB acquired by Investment AB Spiltan and Collaboration Art AB

NORMA Law, with the team Annika Freij, Anders Wennergren and Joakim Zetterström, represented the owners of GO MO GROUP AB in the sale to Investment AB Spiltan and Collaboration Art AB.

GO MO GROUP AB operates in digital B2B marketing where SEO and CXO services help companies to achieve better with their digital marketing and penetrate the digital noise.

“The goal of the deal was to create values well above average, where the “value” lies in much more than just short-term financial gain. Here I think NORMA did an excellent job in creating a team and a “unit” around me, based on my ambitions and skills. A complementary offer to what I, as a salesperson, completely lacked, says Gabriel Ghavami, CEO of GO MO GROUP AB.”

Annika Freij
Partner | Attorney at law
Anders Wennergren
Partner | Attorney at law
Joakim Zetterström
Senior associate | Attorney at law