Rekonstruktion och konkurs


Reconstruction and bankruptcy

Restructuring and bankruptcy

Whether you are an owner, investor, lender, seller or buyer of a business, we support with advice and assessments. We want you to feel secure and receive the support you need, regardless of the challenges you face. Are you looking to secure an investment, safeguard the purchase price on a sale, or are you concerned about your personal finances being affected by the company’s lack of capital? Let us discuss your challenges quickly to ensure the best chance of finding a sound solution. We have several insolvency practitioners and receivers with broad industry knowledge and extensive experience of dealing with companies both in recovery and recession.

Examples of advice:

  • Corporate reconstruction
  • Receivership
  • Liquidation
  • Securing loan repayments
  • Securing payment from customers
  • Advice on retention of title
  • Advice on balance sheet for liquidation purposes
  • Advice on deposits, prepayments and hypothecations
  • Company mortgages
  • Deposit of purchase price with bank
  • Risk assessment of new owners/investors
  • Supplier agreements
Mona Jonasson
Partner | Attorney at law